Window Treatments

Design Impax carries
30% Black
15% Silver
15% Blue
15% Green

The percentage refers to the amount of light that the tint allows to pass through it, 15% tint blocks out 85% of harmful UV light, cooling things down.

Vehicle Tinting
Improve your driving experience and tint your vehicle. Not only that but you will get longer life from your upholstery, reduce glare, your air-con won’t have to work so hard which reduces fuel consumption, gives you privacy in the vehicle and not to mention that it looks great and increases the sale price of your vehicle.

Office Tinting
Cool down your office and add some privacy with window tinting. You will get big savings on your electricity bill and all your office furniture will last longer.

Window Frosting
Need some privacy with glassed office partitions but don’t want to cut out the light. Window Frosting looks great, can be branded to meet your needs and will provide the privacy that you’re looking for without cutting out the light.

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