Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards are a tried and true way to get business in your door and out on your tour.
Design Impax stocks
900 x 1200mm Signwhite Sandwich Boards
600 x 900mm Sign White Sandwich boards,
600 x 900mm Corflute Sandwich Boards
All of which have two sides.
Or we can design and construct one for you to your own specifications out of Sign White on a metal frame or Weathertex on a wooden frame with two sides or just with one side with a leg to hold it up.
Weathertex Sandwich Boards can also be cut into shapes to give extra impact.
Signwhite is Steel Sheet coated with zinc-iron alloy and lightweight
Weathertex is 100% natural (97% natural wood, 3% natural wax), Termite resistant and Won’t rot, split or crack

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