Illuminated Signs

Stand out even at night with an Illuminated Sign from Design Impax. It’s all about being seen day or night, an illuminated sign might be just what your business needs.
There are several ways to illuminate your sign, the basic one being flood lighting your existing sign but why not really stand out with a Light Box, LED Channel Letters or a Back Lit raised letters.
Light boxes are strong and sturdy constructed with an aluminium frame that fits Opal Perspex and generally fitted with flurocent tubes. These can be as small 600mm x 300mm or as big as 2400mm x 1200mm. And can have signage on one or two sides.
LED Channel letters are custom made. Using our CNC (Computer Numerical Cut) Machine we cut out Opal Perspex into the letters and logos for your business and then form them into hollow 3D objects that have LED’s put inside them to illuminate them of a night time. LED’s can be standard white or RGB which can be programed to change colour.
The CNC machine can also cut our compressed PVC which can be set off the wall with ‘stand-off’s’ and have LED’s behind them to shine back to the wall to make them pop.
Come up and see us and we will design an illuminated sign to best suit your business.

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