Design Impax can design and create you Street Banners, Conference Banners and Pull-Up Banners.
Street Banners
Let us design a Street Banner for you to put it across the main street in town to really get your message across of an upcoming event. Street Banners are usually 6 metres long and 1.2 metres wide.
Conference Banners
Conference Banners are usually 2 metres by 1 metre and designed to be hung in the conference room to mark the event.
Street & Conference Banners come complete with timber ends, eyelets and rope.
We can either apply stickers straight to Valeron Banner which is tear resistant, UV stabilised for outdoor weather resistance and is mainly used for Street Banners or we use our Eco-Solvent Printer to print onto BL650, which is a heavyweight Block-out Banner for interior and exterior use and is excellent for printing directly onto both sides of the Banner.
Pull Up / Retractable Banners
Our Pull-Up banners are great for conferences, events & exhibitions and slide away into a light aluminium frame that is easy to transport.
• 2.1 metres high and .75 metres wide
• Deluxe, Heavy-Duty Construction
• Pole and Rails Pack Into the Base
• Carrying Bag Included for Portability
• Roll up display system comes with 31-1/2″w Custom Graphic
• Snap Open Clamps Allow for Instant Graphic Changes
• Connectable Base

Featured Products

  • Your vehicle is a roving advertisment for your business
  • we can make just about anything you want out of perspex
  • Want to cool down your office or vehicle or add some privacy
  • Promotional Products are a great way to promote your business
  • Have an event or special, we have a wide range of banners for you
  • Huge variety of ways to promote your business through signs
  • We've got heat transfered vinyl caps and T-Shirts for you
  • Let people know where you are, what you do
  • Custom Designed T-Shirts including photos
  • Any shape any size, stickers for you
  • Stand out even at night
  • Stand out from the crowd with something different

Building Signs

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Featured Products