3D Signs

Stand out from the crowd a positively impact your business with a custom made 3D Sign. Big, bold and even bright, it’s all about your business being seen.
Design Impax has CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine which we use to cut out the design in Compressed PVC, Perspex or Weathertex. This guarantees no matter how intricate you designs the computer controlled cut will deliver exactly what you were looking for.
The Compressed PVC can be mounted on the wall with ‘stand offs’ and illuminated from behind with LED lighting. RGB LED’s can especially used for great effect as they can be programed to rotate through a spectrum of colours to really stand out.
Perspex can be made into Channel Letters. A special glue is used to create hollow 3D letters. These Channel letters can also be fitted with LED’s to turn them into Illuminated Signage.
Weathertex letters and logos can be cut out and applied to the building to give that 3D effect.
Come in and see us at Design Impax and we can work with you to design something for you that really promotes your business. At Design Impax, it’s all about you the customer.

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